The Workout Diaries – Week 3

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I can’t believe it is already Week 3 of my journey to get fit, sometimes it feels like yesterday that I started trying to workout more regularly. Here is what happened during my workouts this week:

Day 11- Monday, February 22nd

Today was my first day back on the elliptical in almost two weeks. We weren’t able to fix the issue that we’d been having with it, so we ended up replacing it with a different model that will hopefully last a long time and not have the same issues that the previous one had. That being said, the new one definitely has a different feel because the resistance is harder than the previous one, and I found I had to stay at Resistance Level 1 for the duration of my workout. Also, I found that I could only do 0.3 miles in 15-16 minutes because of the resistance. However, this isn’t a bad thing, because it will hep strengthen my legs even more, it’s going to take time though. I will admit, I felt discouraged that I couldn’t even get to half a mile in 15 minutes, because it feels like I have not made as much progress as I think I should have by this point. But I’m not giving up, I’m going to keep going, and hopefully get stronger and faster and build up endurance as I go on. Ideally I would like to be able to do at least 20 minutes on the elliptical by the end of the week, we shall see how it goes. Originally, I was going to alternate between the elliptical and a HIIT workout this week, but I think I want to get used to using the elliptical again, so I’m not going to start that until next week.

Day 12 – Tuesday, February 23rd

Another day, another workout on the elliptical. I’ll admit that my legs were sore from yesterday’s workout, and I just was not feeling working out at all. But I knew that I needed to because I knew that if I allowed myself to give in, I don’t know when I would start working out again, and I also know that I would beat myself up if I didn’t. I don’t know if that is a good thing that I would be disappointed in myself for not working out, but I also don’t want to lose the little progress that I have made since I started working out twelve days ago. It’s definitely not easy to shift my mindset on the mornings I don’t want to workout, but one thing I am trying to work on is not making excuses. Unfortunately, I’ve allowed myself to make excuses to the point that there are things I neglect, and that needs to change. Being more disciplined is something I am actively working on, and being consistent in exercising is one of those steps I can take to do so.

Yesterday I mentioned that the elliptical had a harder resistance, even on Resistance Level 1, and that was still the case today. However, I did find it did feel a little easier on my legs, so maybe by the end of the week I can at least move up to Resistance Level 2. Something else I might try is change the incline and see if that does anything. But anyway, enough about that, back to today’s workout. It felt harder today, and I found myself having to take a couple of breaks to drink water and sweating a lot more. However, I did notice an improvement from yesterday in that I was able to go a little bit further – 0.4 miles – in 15 minutes, which was encouraging and is a step in the right direction, and I don’t feel like I was going faster, but apparently I did just a little bit. My legs felt like lead afterwards, but they quickly recovered and they just feel a little bit stiff. I need to figure out a way to keep my mind occupied while using the elliptical…the last couple of days I’ve been watching YouTube videos, but I find that those don’t always help with keeping me focused. Tomorrow I might switch back to listening to music, or maybe try listening to an audio book.

Day 13 – Wednesday, February 24th

This morning was a little touch and go because I woke up with some pain on my left side kind of in the general area of my kidney, I wanted to workout, but I also wanted to wait and see what happened to the pain. I’m happy to report that after about an hour it did go away and I haven’t had it since, and I was able to get my workout in at the time I usually did. My mom suggested that the pain might have been muscle pain in that area. I’m going to keep an eye on it, and it honestly just served as a reminder that I really need to up my water intake because I do not drink enough water! Anyway, so for today’s workout I did the elliptical today. One thing I did different is that I did up the incline to level 2 because I was interested to see how it affected my workout. I really liked it, but I found that at the 10 minute mark I had to bump it back down to level 1. I did keep it at Resistance Level 1, and I think tomorrow I’m going to experiment with that. The last 5 minutes of my workout felt brutal and I definitely felt the burn in my legs and it took me a lot to keep going until I hit the 15 minute-mark. However, I am excited that I was able to get to 0.5 miles in 15 minutes, which I feel like is a small accomplishment. I’m still hoping to be able to do a 20 minute workout on the elliptical by Friday, but I think I will also be okay if I don’t hit that goal because another goal is not to hurt myself to where I can’t workout. I do feel really good, and I think I have a bit more clarity of mind, which is good because I feel like my brain has been stuck in a fog for the last few months. I also started listening to an audiobook while I worked out, and I enjoyed it a lot more than watching a YouTube video, and I’m wondering if listening to audiobooks is the way to go to keep me focused while I workout, but I’m also pretty sure it will be dependent on the kind of audiobook it is. For example, the one I started is Pride and Premeditation by Tirzah Price which is a murder mystery retelling of Pride and Prejudice and I’m really enjoying it…maybe listening to murder mysteries and cozy mysteries is the way I need to go while I workout.

Day 14 – Thursday, February 25th

Today’s workout on the elliptical went well. Again, just 15 minutes, but I did manage to go 0.5 miles again. I also upped both the incline and the resistance to level 2. I did have to bump down the resistance down to level 1 for the last 5 minutes in order to keep going. But I’m making some progress, it’s slow, but it’s still progress, every day is another step closer towards getting more in shape. I should also mention that I weighed myself for the first time in over a year and even though I was surprised by the number, it also gives me a better idea of what I need to work on and what I am working towards (For personal reasons I’m not going to share the number on the blog, it’s just something I’d rather keep to myself…and between my husband and I). Another aspect of getting healthier that I am trying to work on is my water intake…it really is abysmal. The water bottle that I use is 24 oz., and I usually fill it up before I workout – let’s just say that there are days where I don’t finish all 24 oz. My goal today is to drink at least 48 oz. of water, which means filling it up twice. I think part of the problem is that I don’t like drinking really cold water, I prefer at around room temperature (I know, I’m weird), and since my bottle keeps water at the temperature it is when I fill it, that means if I fill it with cold tap water, it will stay cold all day. Something I’m also going to try doing is adding lemon to the “second” bottle to see if that helps me drink more. Which reminds me, I do need to fill it up in order to reach my goal of 48 oz. I will eventually up this goal, but baby steps.

Day 15 – Friday, February 26th

This morning my thighs felt very stiff and it worried me a little bit because I wasn’t sure how far I would make it into my workout. However, while it felt a little bit harder, I managed to push through, and not only do 15 minutes on the elliptical, and not only that I made it to 17 minutes. To me that is an accomplishment considering the last few days getting to the 15-minute marker has seemed challenging. I thought about pushing to 20 minutes, but I knew if I did that I might collapse on the floor…but I believe Monday is the day I am going to make it to 20 minutes. Today I worked out with a level 2 Incline, but kept it on Level 1 Resistance, because I did want to take it a little easier considering how my legs felt before I started. I’m proud of the progress I have made, but I also know that the journey is only beginning! I still have a long way to go until I am in shape somewhat…and by that I mean able to go grocery shopping without feeling like I am going to keel over as soon as I’m done…also eventually I would like to be able to do 45-60 minutes on the elliptical. I know it’s possible, but I know it’s going to take time and perseverance, I can’t slack off. And like yesterday, my goal is to drink at least 48 oz. of water, if I am able to get in more that’s great!

Overall, it was another good workout week. I’m noticing some small improvements in myself since I started this journey, but like I mentioned before, my fitness journey has just begun! Now that I’m getting into a rhythm with using the elliptical, I think next week I will share some of my goals/milestones that I want to achieve as I continue to exercise more frequently.

Janelle L. C.

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