Book Review: Grown-up Pose by Sonya Lalli

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Today’s review is on Grown-up Pose by Sonya Lalli.

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Grown-up Pose is another book that was mentioned on a Modern Mrs. Darcy booklist, and I’m glad because I don’t know I would have come across it otherwise.

Grown-up Pose follows 30-year-old Anu Desai, who feels like she never had a chance to grow up, having been forced by her South Asian parents to get married young, and start having kids. However, after being in a rut for several years and dissatisfied with her life, she separates from her husband in order to find who she is and what she wants, as opposed to whatever others tell her she should want. Soon she finds herself overwhelmed with not knowing where her life is going, she starts running her own yoga studio, while trying to raise her daughter.

I liked Grown-Up Pose, although there were some aspects I didn’t like. For instance, I didn’t like that Anu separated from her husband before talking to him. I also didn’t like that they both started seeing other people before they were divorced. I also didn’t like Anu’s friend Jenny, because she was constantly pushing Anu to do Tinder and go out on dates, even when Anu said no, and she bullies her.

I did like seeing how Anu tries to navigate discovering who she is, with her traditional upbringing and how she comes to blend it together. I also loved her parents and how in love they are, and how her father is learning to be more domestic while supporting his wife when she goes back to school. I also really liked the ending and how things turn out.

A couple of other things that bothered me were that this book had quite a few obvious typos and could have done with a couple more rounds of edits to change those errors. Another thing is that it seems to frown on people getting married young, and while maybe not everyone should, getting married at 22/23 is not a death sentence. But then again, Anu’s parents were somewhat overbearing back then.

Overall, I liked Grown-up Pose. Yes, I did have some issues with it, but it was a good read. I also enjoyed getting to know more about South Asian culture. I liked Anu’s journey throughout the novel, and I really liked the ending and how her marriage is resurrected (Spoiler alert). 3.5/5 Stars.

Happy Reading,

Janelle L. C.

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