Book Review: Promises Unbroken by Kristina Hall

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Today’s review is on Promises Unbroken by Kristina Hall.

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Before I get started with my review, I would like to thank the author, Kristina Hall, for sending me a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.

Promises Unbroken is the first book in a trilogy set in the 1920s. In this installment we follow Mae Ashton who, after discovering a picture among her missing sister Hazel’s things, leaves everything she knows and loves in Georgia to find her. Mae’s spurned fiancé, Davis Everleigh follows her to New York City to make sure she’s safe, find out why she left, and help her. However, while they try to find Hazel, they find themselves on the bad side of shady businessman Vincenzo Rossi and his right-hand man, Alberto Moretti, but why are they so adamant to get rid of Mae? What are they hiding? And how does it concern Hazel?

I really liked Promises Unbroken. I found it to be intriguing at times, and there were certain characters that I wasn’t sure if they would still be alive at the end of the book. It also shows the main characters going through some very difficult things and how they each respond to their trials. I also appreciated how the author shows Mae struggling with her faith and her trust in the Lord, which is a very realistic response from someone who has experienced so much hardship. I also like how Davis serves as a foil to how others react – with remaining steadfast and trusting God, he also constantly reminds Mae of God’s faithfulness and how He answers prayer, sometimes just in a different way that we would like.

I really appreciated the message of the novel: God’s faithfulness and how He keeps His promises. It was a great reminder, however there were a few times that it seemed a little repetitive, but that’s just me.

I enjoyed getting to know each of the characters throughout the novel, however, I really wish we’d gotten more backstory on Mae and Davis, not just individually, but also their love story up until the beginning of the novel. We are given brief glimpses, but I would have liked more.

I really enjoyed watching the story unfold and I was held captive until the very last page and I am desperate to know what happens to the characters next. I hope that Mae and Davis make an appearance in the next book, even if they are not the main focus of the story.

I also enjoyed the backdrop of 1920s New York City and dealing with the seediness of the illegal speakeasies and the men that owned them. I appreciate that the author did not shy away from this grim reality that was prevalent during Prohibition, yet she does so against the back drop of hope and redemption.

Overall, I really liked Promises Unbroken: the setting, the plot, the characters, and the overarching message. I am looking forward to reading the next book when it comes out and finding out what happens to the characters next. 4/5 Stars.

If you are interested in learning more about Kristina Hall and some of her other works, you can visit her website at

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Janelle L. C.

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