Six Degrees of Separation – Third Edition

Hello everyone,

Welcome to another edition of Six Degrees of Separation which is a meme/tag hosted by Kate W. @ booksaremyfavoriteandbest.

Basically each month a book is picked, and then it is up to participants to pick a book that is related to it. For example, it is by the same author, has a similar title, is about a similar subject matter, or even something like you got it at the same bookstore, etc. And you’re going to do it five times, and the goal is to have fun, but also to see how different your first book is from your sixth book, and see how you ended up with the last book. I know I probably haven’t done a great job with explaining this, if you would like a more thorough explanation, I encourage you to check out Kate’s post explaining the “rules.”

54785558. sy475

The starting book is Second Place by Rachel Cusk. It sounds like an interesting book about art and relationships. I am interested in reading it eventually. The connection I decided to make with this book and the next one is the word “Second”.


I chose Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson because it has the word “Second” as the first word in the title. This was a really good read about a teenager who is forced to face her past when her family goes back to the vacation house by the lake one last time before her father dies. It is has it’s lighthearted moments, but it also doesn’t shy away from dealing with hard topics either.

32333338. sy475

For the next book, I decided to pick another one of Morgan Matson’s books, Save the Date. This is set over a few days when a family gets together for their sister’s wedding. Of course there is some chaos with last minute details, romance, and a family secret that comes out that could be devastating to our main character, Charlie.

32078787. sy475

Going along with the theme of weddings, the next book is Once and For All by Sarah Dessen. This time our main character is the daughter of a wedding planner, who does not want to fall in love after experiencing heart break from her last relationship. While this book is light-hearted, in true Sarah Dessen fashion it also deals with some hard topics.

33798787. sy475

Things We Once Held Dear by Ann Tatlock has the word in the title. I don’t know much about the book except it does jump between 1977 and 2005. I am definitely curious to read this one and find out what it is all about.


For the next book I decided to go with another book by Ann Tatlock called Promises To Keep. I have read this one and I really enjoyed it. It is set during the Vietnam war, and follows a single mom and her family who have an unexpected house guest live with them, the old lady who previously lived in the house. It was charming and poignant, and I really enjoyed it.

58237302. sy475

The last book I chose is Promises Unbroken by Kristina Hall, I read this one a couple months ago and really enjoyed it. It is mainly set in New York in the 1920s and follows a young woman who is looking for her sister who is believe to be dead, but she is convinced she is still alive. I really enjoyed it and if you want to read more of my thoughts click here to read my review. Also I chose this book because it has the word “Promises” in the title.

So how do you think I did with the six degrees of separation this month?

Happy Reading,

Janelle L. C.

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