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About the Book


Book: The Well

Author: Cathy Primer Krafve

Genre: Nonfiction

The Well: The Art of Drawing Out Authentic Conversation

Does your spouse refuse to hear? Do your children stare without comprehending? Does your parent or boss habitually raise objections to your good ideas?

Oh, the frustration! Conversations often break down instead of breaking through.

She changed from a woman alone to a woman of influence. Her faith transformed a whole community. How did she do it? In The Well, Cathy Krafve points out 40 strategies Jesus used to prompt authentic conversation—by analyzing just one conversation with the woman at the well.

These strategies will help you:

  • Initiate simple communication principles to transform all your conversations. Go from magical thinking to miraculous results in a matter of a few biblical truths.
  • Invigorate your closest relationships with terrific communication. Watch the ripple effect as your conversations spread truth and joy throughout all your relationships.
  • Inspire others through authentic conversations. Enjoy the intimate companionship our hearts all crave.

Are you ready to foster tender, effective conversations with everyone around you? Don’t miss your chance to transform all your relationships!

Click here to get your copy!

My Thoughts 

The Well was an interesting look at how we can each (and should) grow in the areas of communication and conversation. The author takes the account of the woman at the well in John 4 and uses it as her foundation for all of her points on the topic of authentic communication. It was an interesting perspective of a passage that I have read many times before. 

I appreciated the message of this book, although I did struggled to pay attention. It seemed to be very wordy at times, and there were times I had a hard time understanding how some of the anecdotes were connected to the points that the author was trying to make. But I think it has to do more with my personal preferences when it comes to  Christian non-fiction that the author’s writing style.

However, even though there were times I didn’t seem to gel with the book, there were also several great nuggets of truth that stuck out to me that I would like to share: 

  • “God transforms our worst hurts into sacred stories when we turn them over to Him for His glory and purpose” (6). 
  • “Better communication matters because conversation forms the basis of all healthy human relationships” (8). 
  • “Companionship can only be real in our lives if we put aside feelings of rejection and embrace people where we all live in our own humanness. Baring our souls and being authentic requires courage” (9). 
  • “To be patient with others we must learn to be patient with ourselves first” (40). 
  • “Companionship, fellowship, and community are the long-range goals of all communication, not winning debate points…True credibility comes from understanding the needs of those we love and being faithful to the call to serve each other” (59). 
  • “When we adopt authenticity with humility, however, truth with compassion will inevitably begin to permeate all our relationships. Therefore, it’s worth listening with an open heart to accept correction when it applies” (112). 
  • “We cheat ourselves of the joy of collaboration when we overreach our responsibilities” (184). 

While there were some parts of The Well that I didn’t enjoy, I still learned a few things from it and I think it will be a great tool for others who wish to grow in their conversation and communication skill. 3.5/5 Stars. 

*I received a copy of this book from the author and Celebrate Lit in exchange for my honest review.

About the Author

p-62Queen of Fun and Coffee Cup Philosopher, Cathy Krafve delivers creativity and encouragement in every word. Cathyputs a snappy spin on deeply spiritual truths with journalistic fervor and a knack for story-telling.

Cathy and David, her husband of almost 40 years, live in East Texas, with their three grown children, two delightful sons-in-law and 8 grandchildren (so far) nearby.

Author of The Well: The Art of Drawing Out Authentic Conversationsand Marriage Conversations: from coexisting to cherished, she also hosts Fireside Talk Radio. Her weekly podcasts and blogs reach millions annually. Join the Fireside Tribe today!

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From Isolated to Influence

“He’s not listening,” Cathy fumed, as the civic leader towered over her. She went home and “plopped open” her Bible.

There’s got to be something here about people who don’t listen. She found over 40 ways Jesus communicated.

Plus, she gained new respect for one of the most fascinating women in scripture. Jesus, the Master Communicator, engaged the woman at the well in just one conversation. She immediately zipped from lonely to leadership. We can, too!

Queen of Fun and Coffee Cup Philosopher, Cathy Krafve delivers creativity and encouragement on every page of The Well: The Art of Drawing Out Authentic Conversations.

Does your child stare back with dull eyes? A spouse who refuses to hear? A parent or boss who habitually raises objections? Oh, the frustration!

Conversations often break down instead of breaking through.

The Well is perfect for your book club, Bible Study, or Sunday school class. Each chapter ends with thought-provoking questions, personal applications, and prayer.

Cathy puts a snappy spin on deeply spiritual truths with journalistic fervor and a knack for laughter and story-telling. A self-described “social dork,” her kryptonite is a bag of potato chips. Yep, a whole bag. Don’t judge!

Host of Fireside Talk Radio, her weekly blogs and podcasts reach over 3 million people annually. She is also author of Marriage Conversations: From Co-existing to Cherished.

How do we go from isolated to influence? She understands good communication tools can change everything! Companionship begins with authentic conversations. Order two copies today; one for yourself and one to give to a friend!

Truth with a Texas twang spoken here!

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