Welcome to The Scribbler

Welcome to the Scribbler!

My name is Janelle. I decided to start this blog to write about my adventures and attempts of trying to write novels, novellas, short stories, etc. Also to share reviews on books I am reading and to share about what things inspires me to write.

At the moment I am currently working on my novel/novella for the April session of Camp Nanowrimo. At the moment I don’t really have a proper title for it, but I will worry about that at a later date, but I am more concerned about actually completing it. 

I find listening to music helps inspire me to write what is going to happen next in my story, at the moment I am mainly listening to the Les Miserables Soundtrack. That was an amazing film, I can’t wait for it to come out on DVD here in South Africa. Other music that inspires me, Taylor Swift’s latest album, Red, especially the song, “The Last Time” featuring Gary Lightbody…for some reason listening to this song about twenty times allows me to write for about an hour.

Happy Writing

Janelle L.C