Reading Experiment #2 Update

Hello everyone,

Today’s post is an update for Reading Experiment #2. For this reading experiment I was rereading Wonderland Creek by Lynn Austin and then reading the 9 read-a-likes that were listed on the database NoveList. Just like the first reading experiment, I did not do well with this one, but I am planning on trying to get the ones done that I haven’t read read by the end of June, so watch this space for a wrap-up of that experiment. With this update I want to share which books I have read, my brief thoughts and then the list of books I still need to get to.

Wonderland Creek by Lynn Austin


I read this first because it made sense to start with this before reading the other books on this list. It was enjoyable to reread this book and while I read it I remembered all the reasons why I loved it. If you are interested in reading more of my thoughts, check out my full-length review.

The Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes

43925876. sx318

I read this one next because it is honestly the book that kind of inspired me to this reading experiment because I read the synopsis and realized that it had some of the same elements that were in Wonderland Creek. I also liked this one, even though it was different from Wonderland Creek, however I liked seeing a different take on the pack-horse librarians. If you are interested in reading more of my thoughts, check out my full-length review.

The Patient One by Shelley Shepard Gray

42085135. sy475

This was the other read-a-like I got to in 2020, and honestly, I couldn’t tell you why this was recommended as a read-a-like. The only thing I can think of is that it is Christian fiction and a tragedy does take place in several of the characters’ past, but other than that there was very little in common with Wonderland Creek and it was just an okay read. If you are interested in reading more of my thoughts, check out my full-length review.

And now for the seven books that I still need to read for this experiment:

The Truth According to Us by Annie Barrows

22551743. sy475

The Homestead by Linda Byler


The Year of Pleasures by Elizabeth Berg


Rainwater by Sandra Brown

6668592. sy475

Prayers for Sale by Sandra Dallas

4618898. sy475

The Edge of Town by Dorothy Garlock


The Quilter’s Homecoming by Jennifer Chiaverini


Stay tuned for later this year to see if I actually completed this experiment (I sure hope so).

Happy Reading,

Janelle L. C.

First Line Fridays #35 – Radioactive! by Winifred Conkling

Hello everyone,

Welcome to another installment of First Line Fridays hosted by Hoarding Books.

Radioactive! by Winifred Conkling

“Their moment had finally arrived. In the fall of 1933, scientists Irene and Frederic Joliot-Curie were invited to present their latest research at the 7th Solvay Conference in Brussels, Belgium.”

Happy Reading,

Janelle L. C.

Reading Experiment #1 Update

Hello everyone,

Some of you may remember that last year I tried to attempt several different reading experiments, my plan was to complete them within the year, but that didn’t happen for a number of different reasons, but I am planning on completing them this year. With each of these updates I am giving myself 6 months to complete these challenges…I think I can do it!

The first reading experiment I did was books recommended to me by my husband (when he was still my fiance). Let’s see how I’ve done so far!

  • The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster – Read


I liked this, but it was a little confusing too. However, I think that had more to do with the time in which I read it which was when I was getting ready to move across the country, planning a wedding and finishing stuff up at my old job. If you’re interested to see more of my thoughts, click here to read my full-length review.

  • The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Emmuska Orczy – Read


I liked The Scarlet Pimpernel, but I honestly preferred the movie because the book seemed to drag in places where it probably shouldn’t have. Click here if you’d like to read a mini-review of my thouhgts.


  • The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides – Read


I really enjoyed The Virgin Suicides. Out of the three books that I’ve read so far, I enjoyed this one the most. Click here for my full-length review, I also wrote a review of the movie adaptation.

So I’ve made it through half of the six books my husband recommended. Here are the three I still have to read:

  • Waiting for God by Simone Weil


  • On the Road by Jack Kerouac


  • The Unexpected Legacy of Divorce by Judith S. Wallerstein, Julia M. Lewis and Sandra Blakeslee



I think I will be able to get through these three over the next 6 months. We will see, I plan on writing some sort of review for each of these, whether it be a full-length review or a mini-review. I will also have a post with my concluding thoughts on the experiment as a whole.

Happy Reading,

Janelle L. C.

Around the Year in 52 Books Reading Challenge 2021 Prompts

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Hello everyone,

Today I will be sharing the prompts for the Around the Year in 52 Books Reading Challenge 2021. I’m not going to include my tentative choices for each of these prompts, but I will be doing a mid-year check in at the beginning of July to share how I’m doing. Also if I have any book reviews for the books I read, I will include a note about which prompt it fulfilled. Here are the prompts for this year:

1. A book related to “In the Beginning…”
2. A book by an author whose name doesn’t contain the letters A, T or Y
3. A book related to the lyrics for the song “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music
4. A book with a monochromatic cover

5. A book by an author on USA Today’s list of 100 Black Novelists You Should Read
6. A love story
7. A book that fits a prompt suggestion that didn’t make the final list
8. A book set in a state, province, or country you have never visited

9. A book you associate with a specific season or time of year
10. A book with a female villain or criminal
11. A book to celebrate The Grand Egyptian Museum
12. A book eligible for the Warwick Prize for Women in Translation
13. A book written by an author of one of your best reads of 2020

14. A book set in a made-up place
15. A book that features siblings as the main characters
16. A book with a building in the title
17. A book with a Muslim character or author

18. 3 books related to “Past, Present, Future” – Book 1
19. 3 books related to “Past, Present, Future” – Book 2
20. 3 books related to “Past, Present, Future” – Book 3
21. A book whose title and author both contain the letter “u”
22. A book posted in one of the ATY Best Book of the Month threads

23. A cross genre novel
24. A book about racism or race relations
25. A book set on an island
26. A short book (<210 pages) by a new-to-you author

27. A book with a character who can be found in a deck of cards
28. A book connected to ice
29. A book that you consider comfort reading
30. A long book

31. A book by an author whose career spanned more than 21 years
32. A book whose cover shows more than 2 people
33. A collection of short stories, essays, or poetry
34. A book with a travel theme
35. A book set in a country on or below the Tropic of Cancer

36. A book with six or more words in the title
37. A book from the Are You Well Read in World Literature list
38. A book related to a word given by a random word generator
39. A book involving an immigrant

40. A book with flowers or greenery on the cover
41. A book by a new-to-you BIPOC author
42. A mystery or thriller
43. A book with elements of magic

44. A book whose title contains a negative
45. A book related to a codeword from the NATO Phonetic Alphabet
46. A winner or nominee from the 2020 Goodreads Choice Awards
47. A non-fiction book other than biography, autobiography or memoir
48. A book that might cause someone to react “You read what?!?”

49. A book with an ensemble cast
50. A book published in 2021
51. A book whose title refers to person(s) without giving their name
52. A book related to “the end”

Let me know down in the comments if any of you are planning on taking part in the Around the Year in 52 Books Reading Chaallenge this year!

Happy Reading,

Janelle L. C.

Library Haul #18

Hello everyone,

I recently went to the library and checked some great books and I thought I would share them with you.

Fairy Tail Volume 4 by Hiro Mashima


One Piece Volume 22 by Eiichiro Oda

6406094. sy475

One Piece Volume 23 by Eiichiro Oda

6582724. sy475

Fullmetal Alchemist Volume 4 by Hiromu Arakawa


Fullmetal Alchemist Volume 5 by Hiromu Arakawa


All five these mangas are the next installments in series that I am currently reading and I’m looking for continuing with each of these three series.

A Place at Our Table by Amy Clipston

34460508. sy475

A Place at Our Table is the next book in my Reading Experiment #3 list. I am looking forward to it, especially since I have only read Amy Clipston’s novellas and short stories and I’m curious to see how she is as a writer when it comes to full-length novels.

One Day in December by Josie Silver


I have been meaning to read this for a while because I have heard nothing but good things about it. It also seems like it will have a similar plot to Where Rainbows End (known as Love, Rosie in the U.S.) by Cecelia Ahern. It is about a woman that meets a guy at a bus stop and has a crush on him, and their paths keep interesecting at different points over 10 years.

Planet Earth is Blue by Nicole Panteleakos


I have been intrigued by this middle grade book when I first heard about it a couple years ago. It is about an autistic girl named Nova, who is looking forward to the launch of Challenger. However, her sister has disappeared and she wonders where she has gone.

The Hand on the Wall by Maureen Johnson


This is the third installment in the Truly Devious series, and I believe it is the finale of the Truly Devious story arc. I am looking forward to being able to pick this up as soon as I finish the second book.

The Girl in the Tower by Katherine Arden

34050917. sy475

The Winter of the Witch by Katherine Arden

36621586. sy475

These are the last two books in the Wintersong trilogy and I am looking forward to seeing what happens next after the end of The Bear and the Nightingale – which I loved!

The Slave Dancer by Paula Fox


One of my goals for this year is to read at least one Newbery Award Winner each month. This is the first book I picked at random. I know very little about it except it follows a boy who is kidnapped and is taken aboard a ship that is part of the Transatlantic Slave Trade. I’m curious to see how it handles the subject matter, and I’m sure it’s going to be heartbreaking read because it is covering a horrific part of history.

Last Christmas in Paris by Hazel Gaynor and Heather Webb

34150794. sy475

I’m going to be honest, I know very little about this book and I want to keep it that way until I read it. All I know is that it is set in Paris during World War I, and it is an epistalory novel, which should be interesting. All three of the those things make me think I will really love it and we shall see!

I also renewed 5 books from my previous library:

The Tinderbox by Beverley Lewis


I am just about to start this one!

Gods & Kings by Lynn Austin


The Christmas Blessing by Melody Carlson


The Vanishing Stair by Maureen Johnson


Scarlet by Marissa Meyer

13206760. sy475

Happy Reading,

Janelle L. C.

January 2021 TBR

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my January TBR! I have no idea how my reading is going to go this month, but I still want to share the 3-5 books I am hoping to definitely get to this month. Before I share the books I want to read, I first wanted to give a check-in as to how I did on my December TBR . I managed to read all the books on my TBR, although I only finished Finding Dorothy a couple of days ago. I am looking forward to tackling this month’s TBR:

Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder

77767. sx318

Last month I started my reread of the Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder. My plan is to read at least one of the books a month, and naturally this is the next book in the series. I am looking forward to joining the Ingalls family on their journey to find a new home! I am planning on having a review for each book in the series later on this year.

The Answer Is… by Alex Trebeck


My husband and I are huge fans of Jeopardy! and were saddened to hear of Alex Trebek’s parting. I’ve been wanting to read his memoir since I heard that is was being published, and my husband was given a copy of it for Christmas which means I no logner have to wait for my hold to come through at the library! I am looking forward to reading it and finding out more about Mr. Trebek’s life.

Confessions of a Curious Bookseller by Elizabeth Green

55543206. sx318

So quick confession, this book is also going to appear on a post later this month of books that are on my radar for January. However, hopefully I will have already read this by the time that post goes up. It is about rival booksellers and told in epistalory format, which I love! I can’t wait to pick this up.

The Magician’s Nephew by C.S. Lewis


Another series I am planning on rereading this year is the Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. The last time I read these books was when I was either a junior or senior in high school and I am looking froward to rereading them as an adult. I plan on reading at least one of the books each month, and, as with the Little House books, I plan on writing a review for each of them. I can’t wait to revisit the world of Narnia.

The Innkeeper of Ivy Hill by Julie Klassen


I’ve been a fan of Julie Klassen ever since I read The Secret of Pembrooke Park back in 2015. But for whatever reason it has been a while since I’ve picked up one of her books! Last month I read An Ivy Hill Christmas which is novella set in this village and I fell in love with all the people I was intrduced to and I can’t wait to read a full-length novel set in Ivy Hill.

Those are all the books I’m planning on definitely reading this month and hopefully I will get to all of them!

What books are you planning on getting to this month?

Happy Reading,

Janelle L. C.

Things to Come in 2021 + Goals

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For the last year and a half my main focus on the blog has been posting reviews – on because I had a lot of thoughts I wanted to share about the books I read and I had a backlog of reviews. Last May I also started taking part in the First Line Fridays tag hosted by Hoarding Books, which was a lot of fun. This meant that I was able to post content three days a week. As we enter into 2021, my plan is to keep posting three times a week, with additional posts if I am participating in blog tours and my post is due to go up on a day that is not my normal posting day, and library hauls.

However, I will be reassessing my posting schedule in June and decide whether or not I need to cut back to two posts a week.  The main reason for this being that I don’t want to stop making content and I want to ensure that I will always have content to post, and I don’t know what I will be doing by June. I also want to try my hand at some different types of posts throughout the year, here are just a few I want to try:

  • Books that are on my radar for every month
  • Monthly TBRs (and maybe Monthly Wrap-ups).
  • Library Hauls 
  • More reading experiments 
  • Book Tags.

I also have a few reading goals that I want to achieve in 2021.

  1. Read through the whole Bible in 2021.
  2. Read at least 52 books.
  3. Complete the Around the Year in 52 books challenge
  4. DNF books that I am not enjoying after 50-100 pages.
  5. Finish at least 5 series that I am currently in the middle of reading.
  6. Write reviews or mini-reviews for all the books I read.
  7. Complete my reading experiments that I started last year.
  8. Read To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.
  9. Read at least 12 non-fiction books.
  10. Be more involved in the blogging community
  11. Just enjoy reading!

Thank you for following my journey through books and I am looking forward to what 2021 has in store! Let me know down in the comments what some of your reading goals are for 2021!

Happy Reading,

Janelle L. C.

What I Read in 2020

Hello everyone, 

Welcome to my 2020 Wrap-up. My reading goal for this year was to read 52 books, however I did not realize at that time what would end up happening in 2020, and I actually ended up having more time to read than I thought I would at the beginning of the year,  and I ended up reading 275 books. Here are all the books that I read this year: 


  1. P.S. I Love You by Cecelia Ahern972806
  2. Freedom in the Mountain Wind by Misty M. Beller48503781._sy475_
  3. Postscript by Cecelia Ahern44358774._sx318_
  4. Past Forward Episode 1 by Chautona Havig15739515
  5. Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern714985
  6. I Was Jane Austen’s Best Friend by Cora Harrison6853842
  7. With You Here by Sarah Monzon46734088._sy475_
  8. A Girl’s Guide to the Outback by Jessica Kate44441985
  9. Amish Front Porch Stories by Wanda E. Brunstetter, Jean Brunstetter and Richelle Brunstetter44025202._sy475_
  10. Girl Like Me by Lola StVil28114572
  11. How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell352262._sx318_
  12. The Bookish Life of Nina Hill by Abbi Waxman42379022._sy475_
  13. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis 140212._sy475_


  1. Waltz in the Wilderness by Kathleen Denly Waltz2
  2. Wonderland Creek by Lynn Austin10329441
  3. The Fifth Avenue Story Society by Rachel Hauck5thave2
  4. The Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes43925876._sx318_
  5. The Stars We Steal by Alexa Donne40950392
  6. A Town Called Ruby Prarie by Anette Smith33627817._sx318_
  7. The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster378._sx318_
  8. Past Forward Volume 1 by Chautona Havig21719975
  9. Christmas on Breakers Point by Chautona Havig52720166._sx318_sy475_
  10. Legacy Lane by Robin Lee Hatcher1093751
  11. Yours, Mine and Forever by Joanne Markey Yours2


  1. Journey to Twilight by Charmayne Hafen Journey2
  2. Promises to Keep by Ann Tatlock 8794263
  3. Forks in the Road Tamera Lynn Kraft Forks2
  4. The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot 37754266._sy475_
  5. The Shop on Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber 233044
  6. Princess in the Spotlight by Meg Cabot 19567484
  7. Veterans Way by Robin Lee Hatcher 108095


  1. Hope in the Mountain River by Misty M. BellerHope2
  2. Princess in Love by Meg Cabot1433716
  3. If For Any Reason by Courtney WalshIfforanyreason2
  4. Change of Heart by Molly Jebberchangeofheart1
  5. The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex by Sheila Wray Gregoire 16386328
  6. The House at the End of the Moor by Michelle Griephousemoor2
  7. Oh, Gracious! by Chautona Havigohgracious2
  8. Amish Country Murder by Mary Alfordamishcountrymurder2
  9. Bitter Honey by Caryl McAdoobitterhoney2
  10. Home on Huckleberry Hill by Jennifer Beckstrandhuckleberry1
  11. Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli22232


  1. Princess in Waiting by Meg Cabot2068670
  2. Princess in Pink by Meg Cabot2068672
  3. Princess in Training by Meg Cabot2068673
  4. Party Princess by Meg Cabot2068674
  5. Princess on the Brink by Meg Cabot1187623
  6. Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging by Louise Rennison563712
  7. The Virgin Suicides by  Jeffrey Eugenides46181
  8. Dumplin’ by Julie Murphy18304322
  9. Goldie Vance Volume 1 by Hope Larson28953805
  10. Dept. of Speculation by Jennifer Offill17402288
  11. Children of the Whales Volume 1 by Abi Umeda34852844._sx318_
  12. Children of the Whales Volume 2 by Abi Umeda 35297139
  13. True Feelings by Carolyn Mahaney and Nicole Whitacre31804440
  14. Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff23395680._sy475_
  15. Gemina by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff29236299._sy475_
  16. Obsidio by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff24909347
  17. Goldie Vance Volume 2 by Hope Larson32333014._sy475_
  18. Goldia Vance Volume 3 by Hope Larson 34466853._sy475_
  19. Princess Mia by Meg Cabot 6096041
  20. The Gospel Comes With a House Kep by Rosaria Butterfeld36384252
  21. Forever Princess by Meg Cabot 19698754
  22. Goldie Vance Volume 4 by Hope Larson 35606633
  23. Snug by Catana Chetwynd 52278999._sx318_sy475_
  24. Royal Wedding by Meg Cabot 23215471


  1. Children of the Whales Volume 3 by Abi Umeda 35658007._sx318_
  2. Kristy’s Great Idea by Ann M. Martin3729060
  3. Children of the Whales Volume 4 by Abi Umeda 36495880._sx318_
  4. Children of the Whales Volume 5 by Abi Umeda 36538847
  5. Children of the Whales Volume 6 by Abi Umeda 38926445
  6. None Like Him by Jen Wilkin 26760312
  7. Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls by Ann M. Martin7242365
  8. Everyday Faithfulness by Glenna Marshall 52891097._sx318_sy475_
  9. She, Myself, and I by Emma Young 34227690._sy475_
  10. From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess by Meg Cabot22718809
  11. The Truth About Stacey by Ann M. Martin2628740
  12. Mary Anne Saves the Day by Ann M. Martin3729061
  13. Dawn and the Impossible Three by Ann M. Martin3729062
  14. Kristy’s Big Day by Ann M. Martin18920420._sx318_
  15. The Prince of Tennis Volume 1 by Takeshi Konomi767614
  16. The Promised Neverland Volume 1 by Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu34852836._sy475_
  17. Claudia and the Mean Janine by Ann M. Martin48866
  18. The Promised Neverland, Volume 2 by Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu51345294._sx318_sy475_
  19. The Summer Before by Ann M. Martin6817038
  20. The Promised Neverland, Volume 3 by Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu38914945._sy475_
  21. The Promised Neverland, Volume 4 by Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu36538832._sy475_
  22. The Children of the Whales, Volume 7 by Abi Umeda38926405._sx318_
  23. One Piece, Volume 16 by19411249._sy475_
  24. Logan Likes Mary Anne by Ann M. Martin233724
  25. The Children of the Whales, Volume 8 by Abi Umeda40680088


  1. Royal Wedding Disaster by Meg Cabot 25819506._sy475_
  2. The Prince of Tennis, Volume 21663675
  3. Tweet Cute by Emma Lord45045129
  4. The Prince of Tennis, Volume 3 1394504
  5. The Scarlet Pimpernel 3355200
  6. The Promised Neverland, Volume 5 by Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu 40726869._sy475_
  7. The Promised Neverland, Volume 6 by Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu 38926409
  8. The Promised Neverland, Volume 7 by Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu 38926373._sy475_
  9. The Promised Neverland, Volume 8 by Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu 40639142
  10. The Promised Neverland, Volume 9 by Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu 40639169._sy475_
  11. The Promised Neverland, Volume 10 by Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu 42640900._sy475_
  12. Twelve Extraordinary Women by John MacArthur 29023
  13. The Promised Neverland, Volume 11 by Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu 42640891._sy475_
  14. The Patient One by Shelley Shepard Gray 40539093
  15. The Promised Neverland, Volume 12 by Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu43909380
  16. Claudia and the New Girl by Ann M. Martin 233746
  17. The Promised Neverland, Volume 13 by Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu 51986110._sx318_sy475_
  18. The Promised Neverland, Volume 14 by Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu 51324008._sx318_sy475_
  19. The Ghost at Dawn’s House by Ann M. Martin17798750
  20. In His Image by Jen Wilkin36250813
  21. Boy-crazy Stacey by Ann M. Martin137947
  22. Children of the Whales Volume 9 by Abi Umeda40680079._sx318_
  23. Baby-sitters on Board! by Ann M. Martin46368
  24. Assassination Classroom Volume 12 by Yusei Matsui 29499044
  25. Assassinatin Classroom Volume 13 by Yusei Matsui29499012
  26. Royal Crush by Meg Cabot31145040
  27. Kristy and the Snobs by Ann M. Martin150260
  28. Good-bye, Stacey, Good-bye by Ann M. Martin38421
  29. Hello, Mallory! by Ann M. Martin48915
  30. Proverbs for a Woman’s Day by Elizabeth George34220323._sy475_
  31. Little Miss Stoneybrook…and Dawn by Ann M. Martin48919
  32. Tempting Tait by Chautona Havig54453663._sy475_
  33. Jessi’s Secret Language by Ann M. Martin233751


  1. Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin19353107
  2. The Girls of Atomic City by Denise Kiernan 15801668
  3. Mary Anne’s Bad-luck Mystery by Ann M. Martin232092
  4. The Promised Neverland, Vol. 15 by Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu52757998._sx318_sy475_
  5. Dual Power of Convenience by Chautona Havig 52900839._sy475_
  6. The Tea Dragon Tapestry by Katie O’Niell 51323376
  7. The Christmas Swap by Melody Carlson51273432
  8. Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers11422._sx318_
  9. Scrumptious Independence by Melissa Wardwell Scrumptious2
  10. Teacher’s Pet by Fracine Pascal 290426
  11. A Woman After God’s Own Heart by Elizabeth George 24788266
  12. Merri’s Christmas Mission by Chautona Havig 40675326._sy475_
  13. Cinder by Marissa Meyer 36381037
  14. Weetzie Bat by Francesca Lia Block44353
  15. Witch Baby by Francesca Lia Block 44331
  16. Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson 11071466
  17. Under the Summer Mistletoe by Stacey Weeks 48507529
  18. The Reading Group: December by Della Parker 32149869._sy475_
  19. The Boden Birthright by Mary Connealy 29481288._sy475_


  1. The Praying Life by Paul E. Miller6426403
  2. The Radium Girls by Kate Moore31409135._sy475_
  3. Zodiac by Romina Russell 20821306
  4. Solo by Kwame Alexander 33004289._sy475_
  5. Chinese Handcuffs by Chris Crutcher 275840
  6. Past Forward, Episode 6 by Chautona Havig 15813577
  7. Talking Back to Purity Culture by Rachel Joy Welcher 54081486
  8. Running by Natalia Sylvester 49484935
  9. The Water Dragon’s Bride Volume 1 by Rei Toma 31140418._sy475_
  10.  The Promised Neverland Volume 16 by Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu 52758003
  11. Children of the Whales Volume 10 by Abi Umeda 42640933
  12. Past Forward Episode 7 by Chautona Havig 15813577
  13. Children of the Whales Volume 11 by Abi Umeda 42640925
  14. Children of the Whales Volume 12 by Abi Umeda 43909424
  15. The Water Dragon’s Bride Volume 2 by Rei Toma 32919014._sy475_
  16. The Water Dragon’s Bride Volume 3 by Rei Toma 34466645._sy475_
  17. The Water Dragon’s Bride Volume 4 by Rei Toma 34466644
  18. The Naked Marriage by David and Ashley Willis 42144125._sy475_
  19. The Water Dragon’s Bride Volume 5 by Rei Toma35742738._sy475_
  20. The Water Dragon’s Bride Volume 6 by Rei Toma36538814._sy475_
  21. The Water Dragon’s Bride Volume 7 by Rei Toma 38926422._sy475_
  22. We Are All Made of Molecules by Susan Nielsen – Did Not Finish19405297
  23. The Water Dragon’s Bride Volume 8 by Rei Toma40639141._sy475_
  24. The Water Dragon’s Bride Volume 9 by Rei Toma 40639174._sy475_
  25. The Water Dragon’s Bride Volume 10 by Rei Toma 43238214
  26. The Water Dragon’s Bride Volume 11 by Rei Toma 43909456
  27. The Prince of Tennis Volume 4 by Takeshi Konomi 1394506
  28. The Prince of Tennis Volume 5 by Takeshi Konomi214221
  29. The Prince of Tennis Volume 6 by Takeshi Konomi 1394508
  30. The Prince of Tennis Volume 7 by Takeshi Konomi 1394510
  31. Unwind by Neal Shusterman 764347
  32. Past Forward Episode 8 by Chautona Havig 15813577
  33. Food Wars Volume 1 by Yuto Tsukuda and Shun Saeki21486133
  34. Hey, Kiddo by Jarrett J. Krosoczka37822650


  1. Past Forward Episode 9 by Chautona Havig

2. Wonderland by Tommy Kovac and Sonny Liew

3. Dreamin’ Sun Volume 1 by Ichigo Takano

4. Dreamin’ Sun Volume 2 by Ichigo Takano

5. Young Adult Literature by Michael Cart

6. Dreamin’ Sun Volume 3 by Ichigo Takano

7. Life Inside My Head edited by Jessica Burkhart

8. Dreamin Sun Volume 4 by Ichigo Takano

9. Dreamin’ Sun Volume 5 by Ichigo Takano

10. Past Forward Episode 10 by Chautona Havig

11. Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas

12. Dreamin’ Sun Volume 6 by Ichigo Takano

13. The Belles by Dhonielle Clayton

14. Dreamin’ Sun Volume 7 by Ichigo Takano

15. Dreamin’ Sun Volume 8 by Ichigo Takano

16. Dreamin’ Sun Volume 9 by Ichigo Takano

17. Dreamin’ Sun Volume 10 by Ichigo Takano

18. Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic Volume 1 by Shinobu Ohtaka

19. Dawn of the Arcana Volume 1 by Rei Toma

20. Dawn of the Arcana Volume 2 by Rei Toma

21. Dawn of the Arcana Volume 3 by Rei Toma

22. Fame, Fate and the First Kiss by Kasie West

23. Dawn of the Arcana Volume 4 by Rei Toma

24. Dawn of the Arcana Volume 5 by Rei Toma

25. Dawn of the Arcana Volume 6 by Rei Toma

26. Assassination Classroom Volume 14 by Yusei Matsui

27. Assassination Classroom Volume 15 by Yusei Matsui

28. Assassination Classroom Volume 16 by Yusei Matsui

29. Children of the Whales Volume 13 by Abi Umeda

30. There’s Something About Sweetie by Sandhya Menon

31. Children of the Whales Volume 14 by Abi Umeda

32. Cherish by Gary Thomas

33. Children of the Whales Volume 15 by Abi Umeda

34. Inferno by Robin Stevenson

35. One Piece Volume 17 by Eiichiro Oda

36. Fairy Tail Volume 1 by HIro Mashima

37. The Prince of Tennis of Volume 8 by Takeshi Konomi

38. Somewhere Only We Know by Maurene Goo

39. Burn by Patrick Ness

40. Assassination Classroom Volume 17 by Yusei Matsui

41. The Prince of Tennis Volume 9 by Takeshi Konomi

42. The Prince of Tennis Volume 10 by Takeshi Konomi

43. The Dawn of the Arcana Volume 7 by Rei Toma

44. The Dawn of the Arcana Volume 8 by Rei Toma

45. Truly Devious by Maureen Johnson

46. Dawn of the Arcana Volume 9 by Rei Toma

47. Dawn of the Arcana Volume 10 by Rei Toma

48. Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic Volume 2 by Shinobu Ohtaka

49. Dawn of the Arcana Volume 11 by Rei Toma

50. Dawn of the Arcana Volume 12 by Rei Toma

51. Dawn of the Arcana Volume 13 by Rei Toma

52. Secret Beach Boyfriend by Kari Trumbo

53. Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic Volume 3 Shinobu Ohtaka


54. The Female of the Species by Mindy McGinnis

25812109. sy475


  1. Assassination Classroom Volume 18
34466583. sy475

2. The Dark Matter of Mona Starr by Laura Lee Gulledge

50159836. sx318 sy475

3. One Piece Volume 18 by Eiichiro Oda

2382362. sy475

4. Blankets by Criag Thompson

25179. sx318

5. Past Forward Episode 11 by Chautona Havig


6. Someday We Will Fly by Rachel DeWoskin


7. Fairy Tail Volume 2 by Hiro Mashima


8. Aurora Rising by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

30075662. sy475

9. Radioactive! by Winifred Conkling


10. Enchanted Air by Margarita Engle

23309551. sy475

11. The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo

33294200. sy475

12. Fullmetal Alchemist Volume 1 by Hiromu Arakawu


13. Her Merriweather Hero by Rachel Skatvold

52901358. sy475

14. The Young Elites by Marie Lu


15. House of Dreams by Liz Rosenberg

36369872. sx318

16. Radio Silence by Alice Oseman

30653843. sy475

17. A Phoenix First Must Burn edited by Patrice Caldwell

43887961. sy475


  1. This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab
40642172. sy475

2. Girl Code by Andrea Gonzales and Sophie Houser


3. One Piece Volume 19 by Eiichiro Oda

3430775. sy475

4. An Ivy Hill Christmas by Julie Klassen

49367154. sy475

5. One Piece Volume 20 by Eiichiro Oda

5071433. sy475

6. Christmas in Winter Hill by Melody Carlson


7. Past Forward Episode 12 by Chautona Havig


8. The Joy of Fearing God by Jerry Bridges


9. The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden

25489134. sx318

10. Fruits Basket Volume 1 by Natsuki Takaya

271199. sx318

11. Fairy Tail Volume 3 by Hiro Mashima


12. Fullmetal Alchemist Volume 2 by Hiromu Arakawa


13. A Christmas by the Sea by Melody Carlson


14. The Ten Thousand Doors of January by Alix E. Harrow


15. Past Forward Episode 13 by Chautona Havig


16. Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder


17. Dear Sister by Francine Pascal


18. The New Guy by Cate Marsden


19. Ready Player Two by Ernest Cline


20. The Gospel According to Disney by Mark I. Pinsky


21. New Morning Mercies by Paul David Tripp


22. Come Let Us Adore Him by Paul David Tripp

33583903. sy475

And those are all the books I read in 2020! What are some of the books that you read last year?

Happy Reading,

Janelle L. C.

Mini-Reviews #9

One Piece Volume 16 by Eiichiro Oda


In this volume Luffy and Sanji are rushing to the top of the Chimney Stack to save their friend. At the top they meet a weird doctor who treats their friend, and Chopper, the blue-nosed reindeer who turns into the Hulk when he is mad. We then get his backstory, as well as that of his previous friend, Dr. Hirilik who died before the events that take place in this volume. It was okay, however I just want to see Luffy find the One Piece which will probably never happen. 3/5 Stars.

Children of the Whales Volume 7 by Abi Umeda 


The volume deals a bit moer with the origins of the council of elders on the Mud Whale, as well as the possible origin of Ouni, who has extremely strong powers (known as thymia). 4/5 Stars.

Children of the Whales Volume 8 by Abi Umeda


Volume 8 wraps up the backstory that began in volume 7. We also see the people of the mud whale prepare to go to a new world. However, there might be a mutiny about to break out. 4/5 Stars.

Tweet Cute by Emma Lord 


I liked that this had You’ve Got Mail vibes – I am a sucker for that, especially if it is done well, which I feel like it was executed well. While I liked the two main characters, Pepper’s mom and just their whole relationship dynamic bugged me. Tweet Cute was a cute read, but it did drag in some places. 3.5/5 Stars.

The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baronness Emmuska Orczy 


This is one of the books that my husband recommened that I read. I liked it, but I definitely enjoyed the movie a bit more because we get more development of Sir Percy and Maguarite’s relationship, as well as her relationship with Chavelin. 3/5 Stars.

Happy Reading,

Janelle L. C.